Writing spaces

What does your space look like?

Hi Everyone

Are you lucky enough to have a writing space of your very own?

If you’re like me and share your home with multiple generations/people, it might be hard to find a dedicated writing place.

You may have to find a corner of a table or perch on a chair by a sunny window, or you may find a place outside your home works best for you. A local library or a favourite cafe, perhaps…

Wherever you write, it is important that the place you choose to use has what you need.

Do you prefer noisy envrionments where the world can pass you by while you idly stare into space, enjoying the anonymity and the opportunity to people watch?

Or do you prefer church-like silence where your thoughts can wander in peace and without fear of interruption?

Even if you don’t have a dedicated space, I hope you can find a corner somewhere to call your own where are you left to daydream in glorious seclusion.

What is it that makes your writing space yours? Is it a bookshelf for your favourite books or a snug place next to a window or underneath a special picture that you can look at and disappear into?

Having a snug place to work can be so conducive to the writing process

I recently read a book about the Danish concept of ‘hygge’. It is hard to translate into English but, as I understand it, hygge is very close to being cosy, an atmosphere where someone feels warm and snug.

Writers need hygge. We need to feel like we’ve retreated from the world for a little while so that we can bring something wonderful to life.

I’ve seen pictures of incredible writing spaces. There was one just the other day (you can find the link here) of Karin Slaughter’s writing cabin in the woods. Just look at the window seat, the wall-lined shelves of books and the harmonious mix of wood and green furnishings.

Not everyone can afford a space like this but it’s fun to dream.

A little place to write

I have a nook in a corner of my house. It’s a little room with an armchair, a little bookcase, and a window that looks out on my garden. But, best of all, it has a wall where I can blu tac scenes and pictures that help me visualise key elements from my novel.

What does your space look like? Or what do you wish it looked like?

I’d love to know – tell me in the comments below.

Until next time,


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3 thoughts on “Writing spaces

  1. A writing cabin would be superb! I do have a room of my own and I will say I’ve been through phases where I had to live with other people and I’d have to write at cafes. I still love writing at cafes and I also write enough at home, too. The silence and peace is golden!


    1. I agree Sara – what a wonderful thing to have a cabin of our own. I agree with you that both cafes and home can be wonderful places to write. So much depends on my mood and the writing stage I’m at 🙂 Thanks for your comment.

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