In praise of book buddies

Hi everyone,

Today I want to give a shout out to all the people who’ve helped me in my writing journey.

The old expression, it takes a village to raise a child, rings true for a book ‘baby’ as well.

Book buddies offer so many different forms of support, but each is crucial to writing and publishing success.

First there are the early readers.

My poor family! They are the guinea pigs with any new work I’ve written. Their insights are golden and treasured, but a book baby must branch outside the confines of her home at some point.

A dear friend (*you know who you are*) read my book in its initial stages. To her credit, and my ever lasting gratitude, she took the job seriously. My little Officeworks-printed book came back to me replete with pencilled comments in the margins, yellow sticky labels dotted throughout, and two typed pages full of useful notes.

They made the book so much better.

Later, friends supported me by suggesting people who could help me market the book; still others bought early copies and really helped set ‘The Sentinel’ off on her journey. I am also grateful for the reviewers who are vital to a writer’s success.

Lately, the support of my debut author group has helped ‘normalise’ the publication process. This group supports me in navigating the ups and downs of the writer’s life. The authors in this group have given me endless support, and shown me what generosity looks like when it comes to the writing community.

Every one of these wonderful people taught me how much a book needs a community to ‘birth’ it.

Their love of literature, of the story, helped bring my own story into existence and for that I am forever grateful.

Dedicated to the special people who helped bring my book into existence: Nick, Lucy, Christian, Jill, Writer’s Victoria Manuscript Assessment Service, Luke Harris from Working Type Design, Seaton Services (copy editing), Roby Writer (proofreading), Kerryn, Hattie + FCCC staff and students.

Plus the amazing debut author’s group themselves. There’s something for everyone here:

@HERevolution @lissymanning @Ishmael_Soledad @asuiterclarke @hellopollyanna @m_tom_writer @writervukasin @herbert_whittle @jtaylorauthor @Mary_Lou_Writer

Revolving hearts


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